Sharing On Social Networks

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Sharing On Social Networks

Post by Gnarley on Fri Dec 04, 2009 9:55 am

All the topics on the forum have a "Share" link, which will open a panel that lists all your favorite social networks. There are 54 services available for you to choose from.
Go to any topic of a forum that you like, and click the "Share" link to access the services available:

11 services will appear, if the service you use is not there, click on "More" to see the full list of available services:

Then just click on the link for the service you wish to be redirected to it.
Take, for example, the infamous: Facebook.

Click on the link "Facebook", it will redirect you to this page:

Sharing topics is very easy to use and it will enable you to quickly share info from the board with your friends
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